Find her dry spot(s)

sales imageIs there a place, or places, on your bride’s body that tend to be dry most or all of the time?  Her elbows, her feet, or maybe the front of her shins? Wherever it is, get a nice lotion that she likes, and apply often.

Tip: For really tough places like elbows, we have found that Corn Huskers Lotion is excellent – and it’s priced right! Look on the bottom shelf at Wal*Mart or other stores.

2 Comments on “Find her dry spot(s)

  1. I agree on both counts…. Coconut oil for the routine (though it should never be “routine”) softening and other stuff, but yes, Cornhuskers is awsome!

    My hands would get chapped and raw from winter work but CH always helped. Be careful though, I did find a couple of times when I was especially raw, that the CH stung a little.

    This may have had nothing to do with the CH at all but I am careful now to take care of my hands long before they get raw.

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