Light up her life

LED flashlights have become smaller, brighter, and less expensive. Get her a small LED light for her purse, the glove box in the car, her night-table, or any place else where it would be of use.

Or – get stick up LED lights.  We put a couple of these in our closet at our last home, and when we moved them a year later they were still running bright on the two AA batteries we put in each of them to start. LED stick up lights are a fast and good solution for places where you need light and don’t want to run wires.

One Comment on “Light up her life

  1. Yes,indeed these little flashlights are a good way to tell your precious ones that you love her. I’ve always carry a little one in my pocket and know how handy they are (to search for runaway cats and so forth). Soon after we were married I noticed she didn’t have one and gave her one to carry on her keychain. She loved it! Later she told me how handy it was and how appreciative she was of it.
    Another handy thing to give your spouse is a genuine swiss army knife to carry in her purse. Pick one with at least a sissors and an eyeglass screwdriver and a little saw to cut back the stems on the flowers you give her. There is also a model called the [url=]cyber-tool/url] that is very functional for having interchangable bits useful for tightning and removing the small screws on the battery compartments of many gadgets.

    But there are many models with lots of different blade combinations and sizes which means you can find one that will suit her as only you know her.

    The first time it ‘comes in handy’ she will remember that you gave it to her. :)

    Be good!

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