A simple call

When you are out at a store without her, call and ask if she needs anything – from that store, or another.

If you live a ways from the store this is not just helpful – it saves time and gas money.

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  1. My wife is not able to drive. If she ever goes anywhere, I drive her or she waits for a friend to give her a ride. It is common to ask “I’ll be driving by the grocery store this afternoon. Is there anything I can pick up for you?” Put on the spot sometimes, she often can’t quite recall what she needs. I then reply, “I’ll call you when I’m there, so if you need anything, give me your list when I call.” For couples who both can drive (what is that like, by the way?) this is nice. For couples who have one driver, this is essential.

  2. As we become a 3 driver family with 2 cars, this is also a good idea.

    However, I also like it when we can spend time together grocery shopping, if we both happen to have an afternoon free. I can find things out that have been bothering her in that setting that wouldn’t come up otherwise.

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