How much do you NOT know about her?

I will celebrate my 25th anniversary early next year. During my marriage I have been a fairly serious student of my wife, and yet I am regularly shown that there is still much I do not know about her.

I am also becoming aware that some of what I thought I knew is inaccurate. I had made certain assumptions about things, and my assumptions did fit the evidence – but my assumptions were not the only possible explanation for what I saw in her, and at least sometimes my assumptions were dead wrong. Does it matter?  Yes, because in places I have done the wrong thing for years because I was reacting to something that was not going on, and not reacting to what was really going on.

My suggestion is that you challenge your assumptions about your bride. If you can think of any other even remotely plausible explanation, then you clearly can’t be sure you know what is going on. Even if you can’t think of any other explanation, that does not mean your assumptions are right.

One Comment on “How much do you NOT know about her?

  1. I would be interested in what some of those wrong assumptions have been, how your figured them out, and how you adjusted. ( I am not asking you to reveal anything that would embarassas your wife)


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