Does knowing her cheat her?

Because I know my bride so well, I can often tell where she is headed well ahead of time. I know when she is tired, stressed, or overwhelmed, much earlier than I once did.  While that can be good, in that I can sometimes help her, it can also work against her. If I allow myself to be upset, disappointed or frustrated with her when she is feeling anything negative, then the better I know her, the more often I will be upset, disappointed or frustrated.  When I knew her less well there were times she edged on something negative, but never got far enough for me to see it. When I know her better and see it earlier, it can easily seem to me that she is tired, or cranky, or stressed, or whatever, more often. The reality is she is not these things more often, but rather than I see the more minor cases of these things.

So, I choose to use my better understanding to help and  bless her. When I know she is reaching the point of tired, I try to do things for her so she won’t become really tried. When I know she is on the edge of being stressed, I do something to help her relax.

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  1. Stress Management can be such a critical thing. Everybody has stress. Some reject and deny it, while others thrive on it. Both extreme is damaging. Like any natural difficulty, how we handle it will either make us better or bitter.

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