Black light sex

I stole this from the ChristianNymphos, a group of Christian gals who think married Christian ladies should have great sex:

Your mission this week is to get a black light for your room and then have fun with glow in the dark things like white lingerie and messages written on your body with a highlighter. This is going to add a unique and lighthearted element to your love making. Just have fun with it.

Clearly you could have a lot of fun with this, but I also think there might be a place for this in a marriage where the wife is shy about showing her body. If she is not comfortable with the lights on, what about a black light and white lingerie? Or, what about a coloured bulb? This could give you some of the visual thrill you are looking for, while making her feel a bit less exposed.

Note on the ChristianNymphos: I have some minor differences with these ladies on where certain lines are drawn, but I know they are all about follow God’s plan, and I find nothing in what they say that is clearly unbiblical. A good place for a woman who is looking to enjoy sex more, and is past being offended by her own sexuality.

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