Does your marriage evangelise?

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

How does the way you treat your bride reflect on your Lord? Does your love for her show in ways that make those around you take notice? If our love for one another is the hallmark of being followers of the Lord Jesus, then shouldn’t our love for our spouse would be a prime example?

If all those who call ourselves Christians loved our spouses in a deep, real, vibrant, and obvious way, imagine what it would do to the world. Imagine if it were undeniable that those who follow Jesus are more in love, more happily married, more sexually satisfied, and just had better marriages all around. In a world full of divorce and troubled marriages, such a “testimony” would show people that faith in Jesus is more than just a claim; – it would show that following Him actually changes people.

On the other side, if your marriage doesn’t “evangelise” in this way, may I gently suggest this is a very bad reflection on our Lord? Forget about all the other things you’re doing “for Him” and concentrate on the one flesh relationship that should be showing the world what it means to follow Jesus.

And yes, I know you’re half of your marriage, and you can’t do certain things because of her choices, fears, imposed limitations, problems and so on. But the reality is the vast majority of marriages can be significantly changed by the actions of either spouse acting alone. There are very, very few men and women who won’t respond to long-term selfless love. I do know a few situations where is seems the wife or husband refused to change even after an extremal effort by their spouse, but this is the very rare exception.

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One Comment on “Does your marriage evangelise?

  1. Yes and yes. My precious one and I have had several opportunities to ‘evangelize’ related to what others see in us when we are together. Most notably among her co-workers. We’ve also had several opportunities to be an encouragement for Believers who are enduring the dissolution of their marriages to ‘hang in there’ and behave righteously so that God could bless them on the other side with a true counterpart because they were righteous; which righteousness is doing what is right and is also called ‘being good’. For it is as you said: “There are very, very few men and women who will not respond to long term selfless love”. Just look at your own salvation.

    And be good!

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