Marriage takes work

I had cause recently to go mucking about in my spam folder – all the stuff I never see because software dumps it for me.  As I ran through it looking for one e-mail, I found an interesting common thread in much of what was there (aside from magic herbs that will do wonderful thing to your penis – NOT!).  I saw get a degree without any studying, lose weight without exercise or diet, and even “make money in sleep”. In other words, a lot of spam is offering to give us something for nothing – or at least something without doing any real work for it.

If this is a hallmark of our culture, then do we look for the same thing in our marriages? Do we want the easy fix, the no work solution, or maybe the “throw money at it to fix it” method? The reality is a good marriage takes work, and a great marriage takes a lot of work. And not just work, but ongoing work – without maintenance you lose ground, and growth always takes additional effort.

I can assure you that the rewards of the effort can be great. The joy of a good marriage is deep and profound. Don’t let the something for nothing attitude that is so common today rob you of what you could have.

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