Fame & Success

This evening I went with family and friends to see the move “Fame”. It was interesting to watch the desperation the folks in the story had to be someone, to be something, to be loved, applauded, respected. For some it became more important than anything, or anyone. Some were destroyed by the drive, others failed or gave up, and became miserable.

Sure, it was a story, but it is based on the reality of how people are.  We want to be good at something – not just good, but if possible we want to be great. We want to be admired and proclaimed for what we do very well, better than others.

Is that desire something that is given by God, or is it sin? I think what we see in most folks is a sin distorted version of something that God put in us. The desire to do well is good, the desire to find something you do very well  is good – it’s the pride of wanting to top others, to be “one of the best” that gets us in trouble.

Another problem is when our desire for fame and success gets in the way of doing the things God has called us to do. So many folks neglect, abuse, even abandon their children and spouse to follow something that makes them feel good, something that bring them acclaim and notoriety. Others neglect their walk with the Lord as they chase success.

So, what has God called you to be?  What is His most important task for you? What would He have you do more of, and what would He have you do less of? Are you giving your bride all that God would have you give her?  What about your children, have you sacrificed them to your need for success and fame?

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