Under the circumstances

Sometimes what is normally a simple task is not so simple. After a long day, a simple task can require a herculean effort.

When your bride does something “unimpressive” under difficult situations, be sure to give her the thanks, praise and affirmation her efforts deserve.

One Comment on “Under the circumstances

  1. And I would add even when the circumstances aren’t demanding… In other words, thanks, praise and affirmaion should always be what is in your heart to convey when you speak words to your bride.

    Of course, as a husband thinks in his heart toward his wife, so he will speak -for what is the human heart if it is not the sum total of the thoughts in us that lead us to do the things we do, react as we react and say the words we say?

    Seek to exchange those thoughts for truthful thoughts that are positive and optimistic and filled with the hope of love and you will change your heart for the better. And when that exchange begins you will find yourself becoming winsome so that how you react and what you speak and what do will be encouraging and beneficial.

    And everyone loves a winsome soul for exactly that reason, don’t you know?

    Do this, for this is what is good to do in the sight of the happy God and you will be becoming good,

    Exactly as you were created to be!

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