What makes it home?

The couple we have been sharing a 1000 sq foot home with has just moved down the hill, having decided their home has reached the “habitable” point.  As they move things out, we unpack our stuff.

This is the second time in three years that “our stuff” has been mostly in storage.  This time for only seven weeks, the last time for almost two years.  Because of the first time around, we learned what is most important to us.  Certainly this includes the things we need for day to day life, but it also includes the things that we enjoy, the things that we use to relax, and the things that make where we live feel like home.  So when we packed this time, unsure of how long most of what we had would be unaccessible, we carefully kept out those important items – putting them in clearly marked boxes that were last on and first off the truck.

Along these lines – what items are really important to your bride?   Not just the things she needs, but the things she needs emotionally.  If you know what these items are, you can show her respect by being extra careful about these items, and by making replacement a high priority when these items are used up, lost, broken, or no longer doing what they should.

And yes, for some of you this means a pet you don’t particularly care for!

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