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How important is your walk with the Lord to your bride?  If she is at all serious about her walk, yours is probably more important to her than you know.  We often hear Christian women who say they can not respect their husband because of his lack of pursuing God. This lack of respect deeply harms how a woman sees her husband, and it harms her desire to spend time with him in all ways (including sexual).  For some women, feeling their husband is not serious about the Lord is the primary hurdle in their marriage.

What following God looks like to your bride will depend to some degree on her doctrine.  I can say that any lack in things like integrity or kindness will certainly reflect poorly on you. On the other hand, desires and priorities that mirror those of the Lord will reflect well. Speaking blessings and letting her hear you pray will also tell her you are seriously pursing the Lord.

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  1. How true this is, I found out yesterday!! After reading the Walk Check I asked my bride what she thought of my walk with the Lord. Her response was quick and shocking. She said it was “fake”. I was so floored I didn’t have anything to say and everything that came to mind I checked mentally if it was the Lord or the devil so I left the room and called our pastor. That was the only thing that I could think of that would be positive! Our relationship is a steriotype of the Walk Check, everything else is suffering! The more feedback the better. Thanks

  2. @msgebhart – Props to you for NOT saying all the things you thought, and for calling your pastor. You made great choices in a very bad situation – WAY TO BE.

    Beyond that, if you have no idea why she said “fake” then you will need to get more information from her. If face to face seems dangerous, ask her to write down why she feels this way. Be sure to tell her you are not looking to argue her down, but rather you want to pray about what she sees.

    The pray – and also continue to talk with your pastor and any other solid believer you can. Your wife may or may not be correct; getting others to look at your life and give you feed back will allow you to focus on real problems and weed out what might be motivated by something other than love.

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