Fix up and clean up

I’ve been working to get out house winter ready (I am told the pipes broke the last few years, and am taking serious steps to avoid that) and watching my friend next door do the same. I notice that our wives appreciate our efforts, but also are frustrated with the necessary messes that are created.

The reality is that getting everything cleaned up at the end of each day often takes a good deal of time and effort that we guys think would be better spent getting work done. When the work is done, then we can clean up once and be done with it. Clean as you go can cost you many hours over doing it once at the end. I suspect that many of you have been in this same place.

For me, the compromise is to limit the area of the mess, and get rid of trash and materials that won’t be used again daily. I stack things and make it look a bit less messy. The time loss is not significant, and it really blesses my bride.

BTW, a sincere “Sorry about the mess” can also do wonders.

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