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This is a manual technique that can be used for foreplay or to bring her to climax. It can be a bit tricky to get it right, and each woman will react differently, so it’s likely a bit of trial and error will be required. This is written as if you are lying next to your bride – adjust as need for other positions.

You don’t want to do this until she if very aroused physically. This is not a starting technique, but rather one that is used to either get her to say “enough foreplay, move on to intercourse” or to bring her to climax. Move one finger down to her vagina (the opening). You can penetrate or not, but the inner lips need to be spread so your finger is between them. Slowly move your finger up, between the lips, with moderate pressure. Keep going till you reach where the lips meet, then go just a bit further. You are now right over her clitoris, and you may have partially uncovered the clitoris by pushing the hood up. You may or many not feel the clitoris, depending on how large hers is, and on how aroused she is (as a woman gets close to climax the clitoris tends to disappear). Now gently tap, keeping contact, but pressing in and releasing. Try 2 or 3 taps a second initially.

If you get it right, it will feel very, very good to her – for a short time. The level of stimulation is too strong for her if it continues, she will become over stimulated.  So, tap a bit, then rest, with the tip of your finger lightly contacting her, but not moving.  Then tap again.  Do a few sets like this, then start over, with your finger at the entry to her vagina.

Not all women will like this, but those who do will like it a lot. What you are doing to her is a lot like having your frenum (the tag of skin on the underside that runs from the glans to the shaft) directly stimulated.

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