For better or worse

I’m guessing that you enjoy the fact that your bride is female. All of the “what was God thinking” stuff aside, she is very nice to be with, and her female parts are particularly enjoyable. But do you apply “for better or worse” to her female sex parts?

Yeah, breasts are great – but they also can limit her (especially if they are large), they get sore once a month, and they make some guys assume she is an idiot. What about her other fun parts – and the trouble they cause her? Menstruation is a mess and a pain – literally on both points. And as much as you hate the mood swings, she hates them more – and she’s not thrilled about the bloating and aching that accompany the mood swings.

So, do love her body just when you are enjoying it, or do you love and care for her body all the time? Are you willing to provide massage, hot tea, chocolate, and whatever else will make her feel better? Are you willing to go to the store for her and buy “feminine hygiene products”?

In my experience, how you deal with the less enjoyable parts of her female sexuality will either make you look good or bad in her eyes – there is no real middle ground.

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