Rethink who does what

Have you recently thought about who does what jobs/chores/tasks around your home?

No matter how “fair” and sane the “division of labour” was in the past, odds are changes in your lives make the past plan less than perfect now.  Has either or you gained or lost “free time” recently? Have changes at work made it more or less difficult for either of you to do certain things? Does some new health issue make something more difficult for one of you to do?

Don’t forget the kids as you divide up tasks, but also don’t treat them as slave labour. Be fair to them, both in what you expect of them as a group, and in how you divide things up among them.

2 Comments on “Rethink who does what

  1. We have an interesting dynamic in our house.

    DW’s primary love language is acts of service. So she feels loving when she is “doing” for us and feels loved when we “do” for her.

    Problem is she is so good at “doing” that there are few opportunities for us to “do” for her. Not that we don’t try, rather she just gets to it quickly and thoroughly.

    As a husband I do try to come up with ways to do things for her and we do succeed frequently but are endeavoring to make it more frequent.

  2. I commented on this message on the Nov 4 post… Does you wife know you are doing this? She may be happy to find you trying so hard! Remember that the though counts alot…

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