Dear journal …

Today I’m suggesting journaling – for you, and for your bride, and for myself. I know a number of guys who do this, and all of them think it does good things for them. Then there are those (like myself) who don’t do it, either for lack of time, or because we see no benefit. I’ll list some benefits below, after my challenge to try it for a month. Pick a method (hard copy or computer) and a time each day (or a place in your routine) and just do it for a month. Write about what you’re doing, your current problems and frustrations, what you need to do, how you feel, the people around you, and so on. Be sure to write about your bride and your marriage. 

Benefits: (A note on the links – the pages to which I have linked are “clean” but most of the sites will have ideas not reflective of Christianity.)

And one more – journaling results in some women getting a wake up call about their sex life – or lack of same – when they find out they don’t do it nearly as often as they think. Other women find that journaling about sex helps them to admit to fears that block sex, or to desires they have been resisting.

For more on this topic, and how to get started, check out 6 Ways Journaling — YES, Journaling — Can Save Your Marriage by Stu Gray.

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