It’s all about choices

We each get the same amount of time each day, and we each choose how to spend that precious, limited time. Some of what we do we have no choice about, but in reality we generally have far more choice than we think, or than we are willing to admit. For example, if you work too many hour, or commute too many hours, you probably have choices – if you are willing to consider moving, or owning less, or not always having a new car/computer/sound system/whatever.

One of the big killers of marriages is couples who don’t spend enough time together.  Regardless of why, a couple that is not spending time together is starving their marriage. Starve it long enough, and it dies.

If this is you, and I think you know deep down inside if it is, you need to make changes now, before it’s too late.  You need to make your marriage a high enough priority that it gets the time it needs.  What you cut out is up to you, but cut out something – please!

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  1. Yes and yes. Do something before resentment builds. For once your spouse crosses over into resentment of you or even you of her, the road you used to be on, where you could turn around easily enough, becomes a rugged mountian path. The reason this is so is because resentment makes it easy to justify the things that destroy trust- and once trust is gone the ability to be intimate vanishes.

    And without intimacy there soon becomes no good reason to be married; for all the other reasons, children, religious beliefs, monetary security, social situations, etc., only lead to misery.

    But, in equal proportion to the misery you can know in marriage, you can also know joy- if you understand that goodness means nothing unless you have someone to be good for and to receive good from. This is especailly true of God’s goodness; for without us to be good for and to receive good from, His goodness, too, has no meaning. Think about it.

    Which is why I always say,

    “Be good! It’s what you were created to be!”

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