TV – gift or curse?

How much time do you spend watching TV each week?  Does that amount of time go down when you’re busy, or do other things get cut rather than TV?

Why do you watch TV – is it for relaxation, is it a way of numbing yourself to problems, is it just a mindless way to fill time? Do you you watch things that you like, or do you just turn it on to find anything to watch? Do you ever use TV as a way of spending time with your bride, or do the two of you watch different things, meaning the TV separates you?

I am not against TV – it makes a fine tool, but a very bad task master. If you are spending too much time, time you really can’t spare, on the TV, then I would suggest a change is an important step towards being less busy and having more time for what is important.

Some folks just pull the plug, cold turkey. Others move the TV – out of the bedroom, or to a room other than the living room. A good way to get control is to record shows, or watch movies, or rent TV shows on DVD from Netflicks or some other such service. This way you can set aside time to watch TV, rather than having to plan your life around the TV schedule. If you find you are recording more than you can watch in the time you have alloted, then cut something out.  Decide what you really like, and watch that.

Finally, for some the TV is not the problem, but the method used to waste time or to escape reality. I know folks who ditched TV and then found new ways to waste time and escape reality. In this case the real issue was something else, and getting rid of TV did not help them at all.

3 Comments on “TV – gift or curse?

  1. I quit watching TV as a habit when I was in college in 1971. Still don’t watch TV. There is so much more exciting things to do in life than watch TV. Don’t know where I would find the time or the tube.

  2. We do not have TV service at home. When the government made the switch to digital, we never switched! And we like it!! We have a TV in the living room and our bedroom that are hooked to DVD/VCR players. We enjoy watching cartoons with our son on Saturday mornings and an occasional movie at night or on weekends.

    TV took so much of our time as a family away. We didn’t even notice until it was gone! We also do not have internet at home (for financial reasons). That too is a blessing in disguise. I have to plan what I NEED to look up (like daily weather!) and I only have a certain amount of time to do it at work/school.

    Looking for more ways to find more Q-time with the family, but TV and internet are biggies!

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