Can a marriage survive without date night?

An article entitled “Can a marriage survive without date night?” has some comments from mums about “date night” (contains PG-13 language). The most common comment seemed to be that a “date night” is too contrived, but regular time together without the kids is a must.

Why not point your bride to the article, and ask her what she thinks? Take notes and make needed changes accordingly.

Can you help with a place for couples to get away and/or get some help? As I mentioned three months ago, we now live on a piece of property that will eventually have facilities for conferences of up to a dozen couples. The first step, now that our home is about ready for winter, is to get the two room cabin fixed up to where a couple could  be comfortable there for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If you live in the greater Spokane WA area, and have items that might be of use (see below), we would like to hear from you. We also would not turn down cash donations to help get the cabin fixed up.  To e-mail me, hit reply or use the contact form. If you send a donation, please put “cabin” in the memo space on your check.

Currently Needed:

  • Electric base board heaters
  • Pellet Stove
  • Small electric over and cook-top
  • Medium size microwave
  • Easy chairs
  • Couch (sleeper sofa would be awesome)
  • Submersible well pump (half horse or better)

As we will be doing a lot of repair and building in the Spring, we will have need of all kinds of building materials and furnishings.  We have storage space. All donations will be eligible for tax deductions to a 501(c)(3).

Our desired use for the cabin includes:

  • A place where a couple can get away for a few days to reconnect or deal with a problem.
  • Longer stays to seek help with bigger issues.
  • A free vacation spot for ministry couples.

Please join us in this new adventure by praying for us and for what is being done!

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