My bride wrote this a week or so back:

The holidays are coming!!!!  When you are making your plans, consider simplifying and doing only the really important stuff.  Grab a pad and pencil, write down everything that you would like to do, circle and do the things that will really bless you, your husband and family.  Cut back on the rest or cross it off your list altogether.  Being an unfrazzled wife is on of the kindest, nicest things you can do for your husband.

Less is more. Robert Browning

A high five to that!  Also, may I suggest you think, pray, and discuss your gift giving this year? This is especially important if you have a habit of going into debt for Christmas shopping. Set a budget you can live with, and stick to it.

You might also consider not giving gifts to each other, or giving fewer and less expensive gifts, and using the money to help others. Help a couple who can’t afford to buy gifts for their kids – help a family who can’t afford to put enough food on the table – or find a good cause and donate to that. Your time can also be donated, and doing this as a family is a custom that some have and deeply enjoy. Imagine what you can teach your kids!

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