My agenda

Every so often one of you hits reply when you means to forward a tip and your comments to your bride.  Recently one of these read:

YES !!  gotta meet this guy someday. I love his agenda..” keeping [me] and [you] together, happy, forever!!! “

Okay, he caught me – that is absolutely my agenda. I am blessed with an awesome marriage, and I want to see everyone have it just as good.

Each of you can help me fulfill that agenda by sharing these tips with anyone you think might benefit, and by praying for all the men who read these tips.  May we all learn to be more giving, less selfish, and all around great husbands.

E-mail change:

Due to spam issues with the built-in e-mail delivery system, the system will be discontinued in one week. Users of the built-in system will need to subscribe via FeedBurner. If you see “Email delivery powered by Google” bottom right of your e-mailed tip, you are on the FeedBurner system. If you don’t see Google, you are on the built-in and need to move.

You may unsub from the built-in system by following the directions here, or just wait – when the system is turned off on the 28th e-mails will stop.

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