Twelve Days

One of the gift ideas that is suggested to me each December is to do the twelve days of Christmas for your bride.

It’s a fun thing to do, but it can take a good deal of time and effort, so don’t start if you can’t finish! You will find suggestions on the web for ways to do this, but consider who your bride is and tailor what you do to her. If her love language is gifts, then a daily item gift is great, but if her love language is not gifts, modify to accommodate what makes her feel loved:

  • Words of Affirmation – Write out a dozen pages of what you love about her, and come up with different fancy ways to produce and give these pages.
  • Acts of Service – Give her coupons for things you will do for her.  Give her guidelines on coupon redemption that ensure you can fulfill things in a timely way.
  • Physical Touch – Give coupons for massage, foot rubs, back scratching, or whatever other forms of touch she craves.
  • Quality Time – Give coupons good for a date or some other time alone with you.

By the way, while the traditional twelve days of Christmas start on December 26th, I would suggest you set the twelve days to fit your lives.  If she is very busy leading up to the holidays, the 26th might be a good choice, but for other situations a different twelve days will be better.

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One Comment on “Twelve Days

  1. I came up with an unusual thought last year…and it worked! I created an Advent calendar for my wife. I remember when I was a child that someone in the family did an Advent calendar, dividing the Scripture verses of the Christmas story up across the 25 days. I started by doing this, and then I added a special short prayer and “gift” for each day. Gifts include back and shoulder rubs, plans to go see Christmas lights, prayers with her for specific important circumstances and passions in our lives, times to talk, plans to take her to some special place, etc. I try to connect the prayer and gift to specific verses as best I can.

    For example:

    Dec. 1 Isaiah 7:14
    Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

    I pray today that you know God is with you. You are a so perfect for me—just what I need to serve God with my whole life. I thank God for you daily. Just as God wraps His arms around us, today I give you a hug to remind you that I am with you too, and that I love you.

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