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This post, and your comments will be for sharing gift ideas for our brides.  Links are appreciated, if they are not visually sexual (let’s be kind to our brothers who struggle with lust).  What I am looking for here is gifts that really thrilled or blessed your bride,  unique ideas, and inexpensive gifts – if you have a gift that is all three, PLEASE share!

A few of my ideas:

  • A class – anything she has shown an interest in learning to do.
  • Latches and a silicone gasket food storage containers. These do not leak, stack nicely, and their rectangular shape is more space efficient.
  • Kindle – Yes, it’s pricey, but if she is big on reading, it will be a gift she will enjoy regularly for a very long time.
  • The Princess Bride [20th Anniversary Edition] – My bride got this for me for my birthday. If you two were among those who memorized the lines to the movie, this is a fun gift.

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  1. I try to consider a theme. One year, the theme was “personal pampering”. My bride experiences a lot of joint pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I purchased a few items that were heat applicators for a hurting body.

    1. Lotion warmer – Warms lotion in a matter of minutes. Keep it plugged in on the bathroom countertop (

    2. Bed Buddy – a long neck wrap filled with beans and is heated in the Microwave.

    3. Foot warmers – socks with pockets. Gel inserts go into the pockets after, yes, being microwaved. Unable to locate a photo of these.

  2. Good Morning!

    I have had wonderful results with providing opportunities for my DW of 23 years to spend some quality time with her closest Girl Friends.

    Her maid of honor lives in about 5 hours away and me and her DH conspired to send our ladies to a B&B for a long weekend together in a small mountain town halfway between. it was a great time for them both to reconnect, let them know that we were thinking about their needs and gave them freedom to get away from dodge for no reason other than themselves.

    Another time my buddy and I bought a lunch and spa package for our wives at a local spa. It was a full afternoon of pampering and whatever else women do at these places but they both loved it!

    Granted these are a bit pricey, but a few hours of OT or side work was worth the cost! It Blessed DW, it blessed DW’s friends and it reduced stress and tension at home and work.

    Be creative, and do it for Her!

  3. I’ve got two great gifts:

    USB/RCA Vinyl Record Player – wife with older music taste & an iPod/mp3 player
    For my wife who loves my dad’s classic rock and 1970’s punk music I got her this turntable and found out that a band she had seen live had released an LP on vinyl (we’re both under 30, so that was a little harder to find). Great oportunity to show her that you know what she likes (check amazon for vinyl records of newer bands and eBay for older ones) link below goes to the turn table

    Theme Hotel – cheapest way to travel the world
    my wife would love to travel the world, but we can’t afford it. Inplace of massive debt, I found a nearby themed hotel and rented the Moraco room. Great mood setter and turned out to be a fantastic vaccation about 30 Miles away that seemed like thousands. Google “theme hotel” and your location. They’re everywhere. This one ran me $200

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