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We tend to get very busy this time of year, and if we’re not careful we can end up with far too little time with our brides.  Have a talk with her and set up some dates for the next month.

One of our favourite holiday dates is a movie Christmas eve day – everyone is busy shopping, and the theaters are almost empty.

Please add your date ideas on-line!

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  1. Here are a few holiday ideas:

    -Thanksgiving day, if you can get her away from the kitchen for a while, any place that’s open will be nearly empty. My family tradition from childhood was to get the turkey in the oven early, go bowling for a few hours, then come home to finish preparing the meal. Why bowling I don’t know, that was usually the only day of the year we ever did.

    -We’re both blessed with flexible jobs that allow us to get away during the day occasionally. A lunch date or coming home a few hours early is always welcome, whether to go shopping for presents or just to spend time together. Added bonus points if the kids are still in school.

    -We usually try to make it down to see my parents at Christmas, 8 hours away. We’ve found that the drive is far less stressful when we drive on the 25th. There’s hardly anybody on the freeway. This requires everyone else to be flexible, but our parents are happy enough to see you that they’ll move the holiday celebration a few days one way or the other.

  2. My wife has a severe anxiety problem with Christmas. I go into overdrive by doing all household tasks by myself, thus making certain no pressure is placed on her to get things done. At the same time, I set her to small, light tasks which are just busy enough to get her mind off her fears, but not so difficult as to incite further worries. This also prevents her from becoming guilt ridden over the extra work placed on me, whether real or imagined on her part.

    To add to this, our anniversary is very close to Christmas. Had I known about her Christmas anxiety back then, I may have chosen another season for our marriage. Yet, the timing is good, as it affords me an opportunity to find a romantic diversion from the holiday season.

    Paying attention to and accounting for such personal issues does much to ease many burdens. I rarely see spouses actually pay close attention to each other, which may be a cause for such anxieties.

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