She’s smarter than either of you thinks she is

I found this article rather disheartening.  In short, it says that men tend to overestimate the intelligence of men and underestimate the intelligence of women. Even worse, women do the same, seeing men as more intelligent than they are, and other women as less intelligent than they really are. Given our human nature to live up to, or down to, the expectations of others, this constant dumbing down of women is very harmful to them – and to anyone who loves them.

Please, realise that your wife is smarter than either you or she thinks she is. Encourage her by regularly telling her she’s smart. Gently try to show her she’s not stupid when she says she is or acts as if she is. Stand up for her when others downplay her intelligence in any way.

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  1. I remember this much of a story: The Queen of England once met with two of the country’s most influential men. After her evening meeting with the first one she commented: “He made me feel like I was talking to the smartest man in the world”.
    The next evening, after her meeting with the second one, she commented: “He made me feel like he was talking to the smartest woman in the world”.

    I think I would like to be perceived as the second man by my precious one, or by any woman for that matter; for he was definitely smarter than the first.

    And that’s because I think only a man who was as humble and good as he was smart could accomplish such a feat of understanding. And isn’t humble and good what we were created to be, after all?

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