Make your bride a platinum points wife.

My bride and I are at a Hyatt Place hotel for a couple of days, and we’re being treated like royalty. Free upgrade to a suite, edible goodies in the room, the offer of a loaner laptop at no charge, a hand written welcome in our room, and everyone bending over backwards for us. Why the special treatment? Because of our gold point status. (No, I don’t spend that much at Hyatt, it’s a perk of doing conference planning for the day job. And BTW, I like what Hyatt Place offers for the price enough to spend my own coin on it.) I can hardly wait to see what more they can do for us when we make it to platinum!

So I’m thinking, maybe I need to grant my bride platinum point status – and treat her accordingly.


Note – a big thanks to those of you who have sent donations in the last few weeks (real thank you’s when we get home). If you want to make a donation and have it counted as a 2009 tax deduction, it must be post dated December 31st or before, or done on-line before midnight Pacific Standard time December 31st. We also desire your prayers – we can’t do this without that!

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