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My friend Stu, over at The Marry Blogger, has a great post on something I have never thought about –  How to be a Proverbs 31 Husband.  I’ll let you go read what Stu has to say about this, with just a couple of points of my own.

If you think about it, Proverbs 31 says a lot about the man married to the woman it describes – or rather it say a lot about who and how he must be.  Clearly, this man is not controlling, jealous or demanding.  This man trusts his bride, and believes that she is doing him good, not evil.

What stands out to me the most is the blessing issue. The husband blesses his wife, and does so lavishly. His children do the same – behaviour they no doubt learned from their father. Blessing your bride, out loud and in front of others, is extremely powerful – don’t ever miss an opportunity to do this!

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  1. Great Thoughts Paul. Awesome…about Blessing your wife publicly. I think it is so easy to “go negative” and under appreciate the positive. Or, at least, forget to mention it!! Thanks for passing along the link.

  2. @ Stu – Don’t you hate to see a man savaging his wife with words – especially in public? How much better to see a man who is man enough to bless and praise his wife before others.

    Glad to point guys to your blog – you have great stuff!

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