God, fix my wife!

Have you ever asked, pleaded, or begged God to fix something about your wife, or change something about her?

Certainly, there have been things about my wife that needed to change, and things that needed to be “fixed”, but most all of the times I asked God to do this, He turned it on me, and on what I needed His help changing or fixing.  Often what He put before me had nothing to do with what I wanted Him to do in my bride – what’s up with that?

I have started to think that God does this because He is just waiting for a chance to deal with me about things, and when I am telling Him how much something about my bride needs to change, He has me in the perfect place to talk to me about my stuff. God is sneaky like that – at least with me.

But, it’s all good, because I have learned that God has done the same to my bride when she went to Him about me! :roll:

5 Comments on “God, fix my wife!

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said Paul…

    But what if your wife has shared that she’s struggling with belief and trust in the Lord?

    What if she’s suffered serious spiritual abuse in the past and is struggling to come to terms with a God who loves her?

    My response at the moment is try and show God exists and loves her through the way I treat her, hoping that eventually she will see the love of Jesus through me. although it’s hard for me as she doesn’t want to pray any more, etc.

  2. Currently, my wife is going through menopause with heavy periods that last weeks at a time. She has ulcerated colitis making her uncomfortable and limiting her diet much of the time. And she is having near continual migraines, the source of which has not been determined.

    I will as God to fix my wife. But I also ask for patience and a servants hear to help her through this time.

  3. @purple_smurf – I would agree with your approach. Her trouble with God is not really with Him, but with those who hurt her in His name. By showing her the true face of a loving God, you can help her to overcome that.

  4. @prov5_18_19 – You certainly have my prayers for her healing!

    By “fix” I meant those things that I don’t like, or when my motivation is my good, not her good.

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