God has fixed her very nicely, thank you!

First tip in a long time?  See below.

I wondered, as I was doing yesterday’s tip, if anyone would read into it something about what my bride and I are, or are not, currently experiencing.   Maybe that happens often with my tips.  Usually, although not always, when I talk about my experience with Lori it is about something less than recent.  I generally don’t post something unless I think I have a fairly good grasp on it, and it usually takes time to process things that happen in my own marriage.

For the record, God has helped my bride deal with a great deal of fear and injury, and she has become – and is continuing to grow in being – a wonderful, loving, generous, sensuous, and helpful blessing to me. Looking at what she dealt with before I knew her, and where she is now, I know first hand that God can do miraculous things with those who will let Him.

Is this the first e-mail you have had from me in months? I had to shut down the internal e-mail system.  I have reactivated that system for one tip, and then I am deleting it for good (so if you got two copies today, this is the last time).  To receive the tips by e-mail, go here and fill out the form.  Be sure to look for and reply to the confirmation e-mail.

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