Types of Intimacy

What do you think when you hear the word intimacy? I mean besides an image of your bride less than fully dressed!

Intimacy covers a lot of ground, and for a marriage to be good you have to work on all those areas.  What’s more, to work on them, you have to be aware of what the various kinds of intimacy are.

Charlotte and Howard Clinebell, authors of The Intimate Marriage, suggested the following kinds of intimacy.  Their categories, followed by my descriptions.

  • Emotional: Sharing feelings – not just the surface or easy stuff,  but all of your feelings (the good, the bad, and the ugly).
  • Intellectual: Sharing your thoughts and ideas.
  • Aesthetic: Enjoying together things of beauty – art, nature, music and so on.
  • Creative: Being creative together, be it doing the same thing or different parts of a larger project.
  • Recreational: Playing together, from a pillow fight to walking together to serious working out together.
  • Work: Doing “work” type things together – for your family, your church, your community.  Building and maintaining something important, and doing that together.
  • Spiritual: A common walk with the Lord – each of you being yourself, but walking as three.

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