Your ministry – yes you.

Are you “in ministry”? As I read the Bible, all those who follow Jesus are to be ministering in some way or another. Not all are doing ministry full time or reviving money for what they do, but we’re all called to do something. What that looks like goes well beyond what we have traditionally thought of as “ministry”. For example:

  • Mowing the lawn for the widow or single mother next door.
  • Teaching people to read at a local literary centre.
  • Helping the elderly couple down the block with home repairs they can’t do and can’t afford to pay someone to do.
  • Praying daily for individuals or groups.
  • Watching the kids of a young couple who can’t afford both a babysitter and a meal and movie.
  • Spending a couple weeks a year in Mexico doing repairs or putting up buildings for an orphanage.
  • Opening your home to a support group, prayer meeting, or Bible study.

Talk with your bride about what each of you does as ministry, and what each of you would like to do.

By The Way: Working side by side with others doing a community event is a great way to meet folks who don’t know Jesus yet!

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2 Comments on “Your ministry – yes you.

  1. Just wanted to pass along a website:
    The site was created in response to the earthquake in Haiti by a few pastors who wonder who will rise up and help the church in Haiti. Sure: food, water and medicine are on their way, but who will help the church? Watch the video that was made on the website…gripping.
    You Are Loved,

  2. This is a good thought; a way that both husband and wife can praise together is great. My wife greatly helps in our special needs ministry, which enriches not only the worship there but brings us together as we serve together.

    In other news, I didn’t know anyone in ministry revived money… ;)

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