Something sexy for Valentine’s?

Want to get her some skimpy lingerie, a book on sex, or a sex toy for Valentine’s Day?  If you’re not sure, my suggestion is to not do it. If sex is an area of contention in your marriage, I really suggest you not do it.

If you still think it’s a good plan, this page has some shopping links that should be clean, and I have finally moved Buying lingerie without dying of embarrassment onto this site. If you are looking for a first toy, I suggest a simple egg or bullet vibe – not threatening, and actually very useful.

One Comment on “Something sexy for Valentine’s?

  1. This was a very hard lesson for me, that the lingerie I was giving her was really (and mostly) for me. She really didn’t see the point.

    So I quit buying it for her. Now, however, she will occasionally take me shopping for lingerie for her for an anniversary present. That’s a lot more fun.

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