The importance of anniversary get aways

One thing we have done consistently is to get away for our anniversary. Several years that meant a couple of nights in a low cost motel a half a day drive from home.  One year it meant sending our son to his cousins, telling folks were away, closing the drapes, turning off the phone, and having time at home.  We’ve also been able to take a couple of short cruises (it’s good to get married during the off-season). This year, thanks to hotel and airline points, we are doing a week in Vegas for the cost of food.

The point is not where, but who – the two of us, along, together.  We talk about our past and our future, we pray, we watch movies, sightsee, lay around being lazy (and we’ve even been known to have sex).  The common theme is it just us, together.

I also think it is good that we celebrate our marriage, making it a special time. Try it; it’s worked for us for twenty five years!

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