Rub her the right way

Last year we did a few days in Las Vegas for our anniversary (if you don’t drink or gamble, it’s a very lost cost vacation) and went to see a comedian one afternoon (the family safe show).  At the end of the show he asked why folks were in Vegas, calling for hands on birthdays, honeymoons, and anniversaries.  We raised our hand for anniversary, and he asked us how long.  When he heard 24 years, he asked what the secret to lasting that long was. With a second to think of a PG answer, I yelled out “Lots of massage” and my bride yelled “Yeah” with two thumbs up.  (And that is how I stumped a Vegas comedian!)

But seriously, massage has been a great help to our marriage, and a source of no small amount of pleasure. I always carry a bottle of massage oil when we travel, and my bride is always happy to see it. I’ve just cleaned up the Sexual Massage and Non-sexual Massage articles – have fun!

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