Unloading Loaded Words

Are there words or phrases your bride uses that annoy or upset you? If so, it’s possible she’s unaware these things bother you, or at least doesn’t know how much they bother you.

It need not be something rude or nasty; it could be something innocent that rubs you the wrong way because of how you hear it, or what it reminds you of. 

As an example, when I ask my wife if she knows where something is, she often used to say “If I had anything to do with it, it would be in the ____” This phrase irked me, but I knew it wasn’t meant in a bad way, so for years I said nothing. When I finally said something, two things happened: Lori says it far less often, and when she does it doesn’t bother me as much.

Minor irritations like this may seem insignificant, but they can add up.  Any little things you can defuse are things that won’t cause hurt later.  So let your wife know about words or phrases she uses that bother you. And ask her to do the same with you.

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