Have your say on Valentine’s day

I’d like to hear what y’all do for Valentine’s day – and I’d like the others reading this to also hear from you.  Please go to the Generous Husband web site, log in (or register if need be) and post a comment to this tip.  Let us all know your tips, tricks, triumphs, and mistakes (I like to learn form the mistakes of others when at all possible!).

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  1. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, when we’re going to be otherwise occupied with church stuff. The night before, there’s a dinner and dance at the church.

    On Friday, I have to attend a symposium, so my wife is going out of town with my Thursday night (her mother is going to watch the kids). I plan for us to hole up in a motel room and play the Bliss couples computer game that you link to.

  2. Well I am still in the courting part of my marriage so I am sure I may be different from you married guys.

    First I will go to her house and wake her with some flowers and take her for coffee, getting her back home to get ready for church.

    Next I will meet her at church with a card. Once we get out of church I have a piece of chocolate that I am going to give her.

    I made reservations at a quant restaurant for brunch that is close to a garden.

    If it’s not raining I will take her for a walk in the garden. If it is raining there is a hotel close that has an atrium we can walk through.

    Then it will be back home so she can rest or freshen up before I pick her up for desert at a fancy restaurant followed by a play at a local theater.

    And to finish the night I will give her a present as we say good night.

  3. Two years ago, I ordered a pepperoni pizza and got the pizza guy to do the pepperonis in the shape of a heart, and had it sent to her work for lunch. She was surprised, and had happened to forget her lunch that day anyway, so it was a hit (for only $15)!

  4. Every Valentine’s Day my wife gets a dozen roses ( from safeway as theyare only $9.99) Sine we are both teachers I ususally have the High School Select choir go to her classroom and sing “you are the love of my life” Or something else romantic. Then I get home before her and when the kids were home I would have them already at a teens house that we trust to babysit. I would then get home set the table with candles and make dinner for her. After dinner I would have soft music playingand go into the bathroom and start filling the garden tub (or depending of the mood, if we are both feeling wild, shower together) add bubbles with candles around the edge fo tub. Help her get undressed and help her into the tub . I would then, while she is relaxing turn on soft music in our room and ight the candles in our bedroom. I would then join her…the rest is wild pasionate love making until we drop….but of course this is a weekly ritual. We feel that everyday needs to be Valentine’s day. We should take care of each other that was all the time. Especially when we have been busy and not showing each other attention for a few days.
    I also have given each of my kids flowers too. My girls still get flowers sent to them even though they are 23 and 25. They look forward to daddys flowers. My son gets a movie ticket and blizzard. He use to get a carnation whenthe girls got roses.

  5. @graadams – Years ago (before I found ways to make money doing landscaping over the winter) I worked a couple of winters at a pizza place. The heart shape pizza cutter is fairly common – call around and you should find one near you that is all set to do this.

  6. I’ve been lurking for the past year. Great info, thanks for all you do.

    We’ve been married 19 years. Last year, I surprised her with a massage table ($100 on ebay + $50 shipping). I had the kids watching for the UPS truck and sworn to secrecy. She saw the truck but never saw the size of the box. Bought oil from book22 or thepurebed, tealight candles and small water fountain from Walmart, spa music CD from Amazon, etc. Created the “spa” experience. Home run. Since then, the real challenge for me is to not expect intimacy in return (or at least hide my disappointment) but it almost always works out well after a 30 to 60 minute massage. Best $200 I ever spent. Not sure about this year and time is getting short.

    • I loved your idea! my wife loves massage. How did you hide credit card receipt? (my wife checks credit cards statements on-line once a day)

  7. I get a lot of dirty looks when I say this, but I do not celebrate this day. Love for my wife is unconditional, and is not dependent on one particular day to arrive. Although I fall short a lot throughout the year in being the best husband I can be, it is throughout the year that I ask forgiveness from her and atone for any unloving that may fall her way. My wife knew my attitude towards this when we married, so it wasn’t a shock to her. I will not let the world/society dictate when I do something nice for her. :)

  8. My husband will give each of our daughters (16 and 18) a card and a couple of small gifts which makes them feel included and really special although they won’t openly admit to it! I know this because the card remains on their shelf all year, the chocolate gets eaten and the gift gets used. This is important to me as it means I am then free to fully enjoy the rest of his attention. This year we are going to a hotel in a nearby town for Friday night and I am hoping to introduce him to the Bliss game!

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