With a little help from my friends (current and future)

I am becoming a bigger believer that connecting with like minded-people helps us in whatever we do.  For me, that means, among other things, that what I offer my readers can be made better by connecting with others who are writing, blogging, and speaking about marriage. Along these lines, Lori and I were recently invited to join a group called “love bloggers” – a group of about 30 (currently) folks who blog about marriage.  Some of these people I already knew, others are new to me.  They come from a wide range of experience, and have a wide range of focus, but they all have one thing in common – a passion for marriages. I am blessed to be counted among them, to be challenged and helped by them, and to see things I have not thought of, or see things in a new way.

To share the wealth with my readers, I am going to point to posts in the blogs of these other folks every Sunday.  I will link to articles that jump out at me. To some degree how many I post will depend on my time for reading.  The blog links will not take the place of my Sunday tip, rather they will be a bonus posted every Sunday.  Enjoy, be blessed, and be a better husband!

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Would you want to be married to you? Ouch, that’s a tough question!

Two Words for a Better Marriage Dare you!

Marriage Often Follows the Unplanned Route A great guest post about adversity as a catalyst for unity and growth.

Porn is About the Parts “Porn … robs sex of mystery and beauty.”

2 Comments on “With a little help from my friends (current and future)

  1. Thanks for the links…

    BTW, I read the following this morning in an article about the Indianapolis Colts – “… Caldwell [current head coach] said Dungy’s seven-year tenure with the team also created a noticeable resolve, one that has helped the Colts set a league record with seven fourth-quarter comeback wins this year. “[Dungy] talked about poise quite often, and I think our guys bought into that,” Caldwell said. “They bought into it because he embodied that poise and that confidence, and it had a trickle-down effect.”

    I was immediately struck by the phrase “trickle-down effect”. I have normally only heard that phrase in the context of economics, but its use here resonated with me as an extremely accurate description of the kind of impact we are to have in the lives of others that God has placed around us, particularly our wives.

    Am I a “trickle-down” kind of man?

  2. Well said Paul,
    Mutual consolation and encouragement of the saints is well captured in what you had to say. It is our role as the body to encourage one another as well as to challenge one another as well as to comfort one another. Hanging out with those of like mind, faithful disciples who care about such issues, will certainly be a blessing to all.

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