In business, as in marriage …

A friend of mine recently wrote “In business, as in marriage …”  This jumped out at me because I had just seen someone else give an application of business concepts to marriage – an application that did not work.  Don’t get me wrong, I follow several business blogs, and I get a lot of good ideas that I can apply to marriage – but what works in business is not always going to work in marriage.

My bride is my only customer – if she does not like what I offer, I can’t decide she is out of touch with the times and market to others.  My bride is also my only supplier for certain things – she has a monopoly, and I had better understand that!

I could go on, but you get the point. If you are business minded, is your marriage suffering from your failure to differentiate between good business practices and good marriage practices?

Details here in the next day or two!

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  1. Marriage as a business is the way I lived my marriage for almost 30 years. Not in the way Paul described it. I viewed our marriage as a business that would not fail. I was determined to make it work regardless. My belief was that you could not let any emotion enter into it for if you let emotion rule a business it will destroy it. Hence, our marriage, from my side, was emotionless. Remember always keep your cool and never let emotion cloud judgment. I believed that to show emotion was not manly. What a crock. Living 30 years like that really sucked. I have since started to let my wonderful wife see the emotional side of me. And it feels really good to no longer control every emotion. She is responded very graciously to my new openness. Must be a slow learner but I thank God I am finally starting to act normal.

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