Love EveryDay – Thoughts on loving amidst the chaos of life

I am very happy to announce, in time for Valentine’s Day, the availability of a free e-book that my bride and I took part in writing.  “Love EveryDay – Thoughts on loving amidst the chaos of life” is the collaborative work of the “Love Bloggers” group I mentioned a couple of days ago.  I’m very happy with this project, and encourage you to share it far and wide.  The e-book is free, no strings attached: download it, e-mail it, post it, print it, tweet it, and let the world know!

Aside from being a good read, this e-book can serve as a way of getting to know some fine bloggers who write about all things related to love and marriage.

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  1. This type of book is great! I used to think that it would be boring to go through exercises like those in these books, but after a while I got the hang of it.

    I never tell my DW where I got all those interesting ideas. She thinks I thought them up all by myself! And after some time of doing these books you begin to think up your own ideas and then the fun really begins.

    When she wakes up some morning in spring and looks out to see crocuses, in the front yard, blooming through the snow in the shape of a heart………!!!!!

    These books are worth the time it takes to act them out. Just don’t tell her you got it from a book.

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