Wrapping it up

This is the final tip on How do you get an uninterested or unwilling wife to have more sex? I will clean it up a bit and post it as a long single page down the road.

I want to leave you with this – it matters, it is important that you and your bride share a frequent, mutually enjoyed sex life. It is important to your health, and her health. It is important to your happiness, and to her happiness. It is important to your marriage, and by extension, that makes it important for your kids, for their futures, their happiness, and their marriages. Please don’t buy into the lies that sex is just about good feelings between the legs, or just a release. Don’t believe that it’s just for men, or that not having it really does not make a difference.  Yeah, I know how much you want it to change, and I understand how that makes it difficult for you to see clearly. It’s easy to start to think that maybe you are oversexed, or wonder if you are being selfish.

Hold fast, within yourself, that a good, healthy sex life is vital. Realize that your desire is based in something valid ; even if you have been skewed by porn, or your culture, the desire for regular sex with your bride is right, good, and godly.  Do all you can to improve the chances of a better sex life. Work at your relationship, help her to be less busy, deal with your own problems and shortcomings, and gently urge her to deal with her stuff. Keep the issue on the table, but do so without nagging or bullying.

My prayer for each of you is that He will show you how to get your uninterested or unwilling wife to not only have, but to want and enjoy more sex.

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