What does my tag cloud say about this blog?

Next week TGH will have been on WordPress blogging software for a year. One of the fun plug-ins running is the “tag cloud” that shows how often tags are used the size of each tag term.  What that cloud looks like as of today is to the right. As I have added new tags from time to time it’s not 100% reflective of what I have posted (for example the “kids” tag is very new), but it’s fairly close.

I suspect that tag cloud says a great deal about me – about my interest, what I am passionate about, and what I know. I am big on being better (used 57 times), choosing (55), knowing (also 55), and making sex good for her (47). The tag cloud also shows some important areas I am failing to cover – finances for example are not even listed.

I will be looking at the tag cloud to show me what I need to cover better – or provide links to those who do. Please add comments on-line as to what you would like to read more often – or less often.  No promises, but your input will certainly help!

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