Rate the value of your time use

What would it look like if you were to list all the things that take up your time, and then rated how much value each of those things has to your life? What if you rated how much value those things have to your marriage?

How do you even assign value to your activities?  It’s clear that “recreation” is beneficial to both physical and mental/emotional health, but how much do we need? Some of what is of great value to you won’t be of direct value to your marriage, but anything that is good for you can benefit your marriage, if the time you spend does not rob your marriage too much.  How you pick and choose is a balancing act, and the relative value of things will change as your life and marriage grow and change.

There is no way to complete this thought exercise, but I think concide4ring it can be helpful. Maybe a good question to ask yourself is “What value has the X hours of my life had to me – to my marriage?”

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