Touch is not sex

The ladies over at Christian Nymphos ran a poll asking women what their husband’s love language was.  The clear winner at 49% of the 279 votes, was “Touch”. If you ask men the same question, you will probably get a similar answer – with some of them adding that they “really enjoy sex”. However, enjoying sex, wanting a lot of sex, or wanting more sex, has nothing to do with the touch love language. While sex can partially feed the touch love language, it will never fully satisfy someone with that need; on the other hand individuals who have little or no touch hunger can very much enjoy sex.

I think many men are cheating their-self, and their bride, by failing to understand what their love language(s) is/are. If it’s not touch, saying it’s touch probably does not result in more sex, and it means the real love language is not getting the attention it should. I can understand that the need for sex may be far greater than for your love language, but getting that love language met would make you feel better, and would make her feel better to be able to meet a need. In the long run it would very likely increased the odds of more sex.

There is an on-line love language test that you can take to see what your love languages are.  As you answer questions that are about touch, please read that as non-sexual touch that won’t lead to sex. After you take the test, share the results with your bride, and then ask her to take the test (without you looking over her shoulder) and share her results with you.

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  1. Preach it brother! The 5 Love Languages is such a simple but amazing concept for better understanding how God created you, your wife, and others so you can show them appropriate love as they best receive it.

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