I’m overwhelmed, to bad for you.

I have a confession to make, a horrible confession of selfishness. We have lived without a clothes dryer for months – and it’s my fault.

Last fall when I went to convert our gas dryer to propane (something I have done several times before), I managed to break a part that was going to have to be special ordered. That is where I stopped – I didn’t order the part, or do anything else to provide a working dryer. So, for months we have taken our laundry 15 minutes down the road to a laundry mat. I’ve done my share of laundry trips, but that hardly makes up for the major inconvenience, waste of time, and the extra money it costs to do laundry that way.

On Valentine’s Day, I told my wife her gift would be a dryer. Yes, I know this is practising something I preach against, but my bride is one of those uber-practical gals who thinks a dryer is a great gift anytime. On our second trip looking, we found something she liked at a used appliance place. My son and I picked it up the next day. I figured what I needed to run wire for it (went with electric) and yesterday we got it all installed.

The really sad thing is why it took me so long to get this done. Yes, the part for the old dryer cost more than the dryer was worth, and yes I’ve been working way too many hours for months, and yes money has been tight. However, none of those is why the old, broken dryer sat in the laundry room for so long, and none of those would have prevented me from getting a working dryer months ago had I chosen to do it. And there is the truth, I choose not to do it.

Why did I choose not to do it? The best word for it is that I was overwhelmed. I put a lot of time and effort (and pride?) into getting the old one changed to propane, and when that failed it made me feel overwhelmed about getting the job done. So, I just pushed it away and left it – without taking into account what my choice was costing my dear bride.

No doubt being overwhelmed is a natural thing – some things are just so emotionally difficult we don’t want to deal with them. I doubt bailing out on things is ever good, but when it hurts someone else it’s a real problem that needs to be dealt with ASAP.

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3 Comments on “I’m overwhelmed, to bad for you.

  1. Wow. Been there and done that. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with being ‘overwhelmed’ by a task I know needs doing. And all the more so because one of the ‘bragging rights’ my precious one claims is that “He can fix anything!”

    Procrastination is a sin, I can tell, because it turns my conscience against me. And when that happens, I’m not being good, don’tcha know?

    And really, shouldn’t we all, as Beleivers, want to be good, just as we were created to be?

    After all, a conscience is a terrible thing to waste.

  2. My shelved-putoff was replacing the tires on her car. Drove it yesterday and was shocked at how bad it was! She’d mention it but for the same reasons you listed above I put it off. They’re new and safe. I need to get the breaks done now, ASAP!

  3. Likewise, BTDT. An initial failure can be a major obstacle to wanting to complete anything. Right now, home repairs are creating my anxiety. Warmer weather is returning to the Great Plains and so I need to seriously get some things done!

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