Do You Suck The Life Out of Your Wife?

Pete Wilson, one of the pastors at Cross Point Church, had a great little post in which he said we all either suck the life out of you or breathe life into those around us.

I agree completely, there really is no middle ground, we either give or we take.  Sure, we all have bad days, or times when we are just too busy to do what we want, but over time we are either givers or takers in each relationship we have. Some take from everyone, some give to everyone, many do some of each with different people.  Those who do some of both are probably doing it based on how much they value certain individuals, or how much power they have over them, or maybe just what they think they can get away with.

So, on the whole, do you breathe life into your bride, or do you suck the life out of her? If you do more sucking than breathing, why? Does she have low value in your estimation? Is it about your power over her? Or, maybe you know she will put up with it?

Be a breather, not a sucker!

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