The 1% Experaince – I dare you!

I was going to link to The 1.0% Experience* in my Sunday round-up, but then I decided it was too good, too important, to risk losing it in a list of links. The idea, in a nut shell, is to give your bride 1% of your time each week “‘practicing the presence’ of each other”. I highly recommend reading this article, sharing it with your bride, and giving it a try for a full month.

*The web site is for a game called “A private affair” – a game designed to improve your sex life. I have not played this game, but have seen a good review by folks I trust, and have played a similar game. I suspect the game is not 100% BC (biblically correct) but it is probably still a great way to learn about each other sexually. The web site is PG -with no nudity.

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