Being true to yourself

My post a week ago, Being true to yourself is good for her, resulted in several comments and e-mails asking me what I meant by being “true to yourself”.

This is not about being selfish and doing what feels good. To me this means being who God made you to be, and doing what He made you to do. Anything less is not being true to yourself, it’s cop out, a sell out, a failure to rise to the challenge.  I touched on this a bit more in A Peace Too Costly, when I said, “giving up things, be they physical, intellectual or moral, to gain peace is a process that leads to having less and less, until there is nothing left to give up.” Being true to yourself means not giving away things that are important and not allowing things you know are wrong. (Or, if you can’t stop it, at least taking a stand against it.)

Or put simply, as my friend Eleutheros says, being true to yourself is to “be good, just as you were created to be!”

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  1. Hey!

    According to Strong’s Concordance the Greek word for ‘conscience’ appears 32 times in the KJV NT. I beleive this thingy in us we call a ‘conscience’ that gives us the knowledge of the difference between good and evil (Could that peculiar tree in the Garden be called, then, ‘The Tree Of Conscience’? Did The Adam have a conscience before they ate from this tree?)is cleansed (Heb 9:9-14) upon our re-siring (John 3:1-12, 1John 3:9)and was the very thing that was appealed to by the early Beleivers to verify whether they were being obedient to Jesus’ Spirit, which makes it’s home in Believers(Rom 8:11, 6:11-21,2 Cor 1:12). For Jesus’ Spirit is never going to tell you to do something wrong. And if you have matured as a Beleiver so that you are consistently obedient to it, you will never do something wrong.

    That is why the early Beleivers were able to turn the world upside down… they loved and they did good… consistently. And since thier conscience was cleansed, they could appeal to thier conscience and trust it to know whether or not they were loving and doing good, consistently.

    So said for the sake of clarity, so you would know what I mean when I say:

    Be good! Just as you were created to be!

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