But it works for you

The other day my bride was talking about how different she and I are, and how I was doing something that she would never do. As she finished her comments, she said something wonderful – she said “But it works for you.

I was greatly blessed by those words because it told me she was not trying to change me, or trying to convince me I was wrong. She was noting a real difference in how we approach life, but she also validated my way of doing it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that. I need to remind myself of that. If we could all just stop trying to change our spouses and accept and enjoy them for who they are, we’d keep finding out amazing things about them.

  2. Hi, short but sweet! Thanks for sharing that. In addition to your post, I think that it’s important to realize that improving a relationship does not mean that one has to change his partner. It helps resolve issues if a couple tries to talk about their problems. It’s also important to clearly identify what a person values for himself. It would help a person focus on the positives of what he wants, and not on the negatives. As a result, he would then stop trying to change his partner because he sees the positive aspects of his relationship.
    .-= Linda @ Intimacy in Marriage´s last blog ..Effective Communication for More Intimacy in Marriage =-.

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