I don’t know

The last nine months have been very interesting for me, after moving onto 42 acres in the foothills of Eastern Washington. I’m a fairly handy guy, but there’s a lot to do here that I know nothing about, and I’ve learned more in the last nine months than in the several years before that.

One thing that has made this easy is that my primary “teacher” has no need to show off, or to ensure that I do things “his way” unless there’s a very good reason to do it “his way”. He’s also very quick to say, “I don’t know” when he doesn’t know, or to indicate he’s not sure when he’s not sure. His willingness to admit not knowing makes it much easier for me to do the same – even though I’m currently doing that a lot more often than he is.

I think these same attitudes can work in marriage when we need to learn from our bride, or she has a chance to learn from us. It’s not about one person being smarter or better, rather it’s about one person knowing more about a certain thing.

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